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The Roadkill Nationwide Radio Network is a GMRS network that promotes GMRS radio for families and communities with accessible resources for everyday communication, recreation, and emergency preparedness. It is linked to the GMRS Live Radio Linking System, which provides the capability and technology to link each of its repeaters to a centralized hub. The system has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2019, with over 1000 members as of August 2023. Members can register for free on the network’s website and access a list of repeaters. The website also provides information on how to become a member of the network.

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Title: North Central Louisiana GMRS
Description: The RoadKill NationWide
Genre: GMRS 2 Way Radio
Website: https://www.lagmrs.com/
Bitrate: 16

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The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that uses channels in the UHF frequency band. It is intended for short-distance two-way communication between individuals and their families, as well as for emergency preparedness and public safety. The Texas GMRS Network is a group of non-commercial radio operators who share a common interest in two-way radio communications . The network aims to promote the use and development of GMRS and encourage a natural interest in radio communications with the community, thereby improving public well-being, safety, and emergency preparedness. The Texas GMRS Network consists of linked and unlinked repeaters throughout the state of Texas

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The Roadkill Nationwide Radio Network

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